Why You Should Never Roast Carrots In Olive Oil

Lower Smoke Point: Olive oil has a low smoke point, leading to the formation of harmful compounds and a burnt taste when exposed to high heat during roasting. 

Nutrient Degradation: Heating olive oil beyond its smoke point may degrade its beneficial compounds, reducing its nutritional value. 

Health Risks: Consuming olive oil exposed to high heat may pose health risks due to the formation of harmful substances like free radicals. 

Flavor Alteration: Roasting carrots in olive oil can alter their natural sweetness and result in a bitter or rancid taste due to olive oil's delicate flavor profile. 

Alternative Oils: Using oils with higher smoke points, such as avocado oil or coconut oil, is preferable for roasting carrots to avoid these issues. 

Stability: Oils with higher smoke points are more stable at high temperatures, reducing the risk of flavor alteration and nutrient degradation. 

Taste Preservation: Choosing oils with neutral flavors preserves the natural taste of the carrots without overpowering them with the taste of olive oil. 

Experimentation: Experiment with different oils and cooking methods to find the best option that suits your taste preferences and health goals.