Why Hummingbirds Are Avoiding Your Birdbath (And What To Do About It)

Over time, birdwatching has grown in popularity among all ages, genders, and nationalities. One of the best things about birdwatching is that there are always many species to see, no matter where you live.

Smaller and faster than most birds, hummingbirds are unique. We want to know what they require so we can supply it in our yards since they're so distinctive and beautiful. Because ordinary birdbaths are too deep, hummingbirds usually avoid them.  

It doesn't end there. If hummingbirds are avoiding your yard, offer better water sources to attract them. Hummingbirds don't need water because they swallow nectar and sugar-water.

However, they seek water for bathing and grooming. They prefer a gentle mist, and the sound of water draws them closer.

Hummingbirds are too little for normal birdbaths, thus they choose a better supply. A birdbath can be made more attractive by adding stones. Hummingbirds may be attracted by strategically arranging the right-sized stones.

Birds can sit on stones while swimming and splashing. They provide birds texture to grab and show them how deep the water is. Having huge stones emerge out of the water may calm hummingbirds.

It may surprise you that most birds like a shallow birdbath, so adding a few stones and less water can attract more birds. Smaller birds prefer flat, big rocks.  

The birdbath floor can be raised by lining it with pebbles or gravel. Birds splash rather than swim and prefer to do so outside the water source. If you want to attract hummingbirds, you might add extra water sources to your yard.