When to Put Out Hummingbird Feeders in the Spring

You may prepare for hummingbird migration by knowing when to set out feeders in spring. In much of North America, hummingbirds migrate south in autumn, winter in Mexico or Central America, then return north when it warms.  

Where you reside and what species of hummingbirds visit your garden determine when they return. How to place feeders out at the proper moment to attract colorful pollinators and keep them in your garden during the growing season.

Why Put Out Spring Hummingbird Feeders Longer days and greater angle of sunlight cause hummingbird migration north.  

This northern migration coincides with spring flower blooms. Hummingbirds can be hungry if they don't arrive during flowering blooms unless they find a nectar feeder.

Due to climate change, hummers are increasingly arriving in northern gardens early or after spring flowers fade.

Hummingbirds need sustenance after their long journey, so put out nectar feeders in your garden to keep them. When spring arrives, they may not return to gardens without flowers or feeders.