What the Term 'Flying Monkeys' Mean When We Talk About Narcissism

In the context of narcissism, the term "flying monkeys" refers to individuals who are manipulated or recruited by a narcissist to do their bidding or act on their behalf, often in a covert or indirect manner

This term originates from the flying monkeys in the popular movie "The Wizard of Oz," who obeyed the Wicked Witch of the West and carried out her orders.

Flying monkeys in narcissistic relationships may engage in behaviors such as spreading rumors, gaslighting, or even directly confronting the narcissist's perceived enemies or critics.

They may serve as enablers or allies to the narcissist, reinforcing their distorted reality and furthering their agenda.

These individuals are often unwittingly drawn into the narcissist's web of manipulation, believing they are acting in the narcissist's best interests or out of loyalty.

However, they may also fear retaliation or abandonment if they refuse to comply with the narcissist's demands.


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