What is the Atlantic Diet?

The popular Mediterranean Diet resembles the Atlantic Diet. "It has gained some popularity after a study found adherents to the diet had a significantly lower risk of chronic health problems," says Goodson.

Goodson says this diet contains northwest Portuguese and Spanish traditional dishes. Both the Atlantic and Mediterranean Diets emphasize fresh vegetables, fruits, and three to four weekly portions of fish or lean meat. Olive oil and mild wine intake are among their preferences.

The Atlantic Diet differs from the MedDiet since it includes brassicas such cabbage, turnips, kale, turnip greens, and cauliflower. The Atlantic Diet comprises leaner meat, dairy, and seafood.  

Goodson says, "Food preparation in the Southern European region involves simple cooking techniques such as boiling, grilling, baking, and stewing."

How might the Atlantic Diet help you lose weight? Goodson says the Atlantic Diet can help your waistline and more "Nutrient-dense meals can help you lose weight and reduce your waist circumference, lowering your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Satiety from high-fiber and high-protein foods may help people handle portion sizes and cut calories, leading to weight loss."

A recent JAMA Network Open study observed 574 people. The Atlantic Diet reduced waistlines and belly fat. Goodson added, "We found that this diet improves cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome risk factors.