Want to Keep Deer From Eating Your Garden? Here's What to Plant

Heart Bleeding Deer don't like this cute perennial, which makes it a fantastic choice for your shady garden. The plant produces heart-shaped blooms in the early to late spring.

Potentilla Deer typically don't like the rather fuzzy texture of this shrub. It blooms all season long and is available in types with white, pink, or yellow flowers.

Catmint The leaves of this hardy perennial are silvery-green and have a slightly fuzzy texture. Furthermore, the strong spicy-minty scent causes most deer to steer clear of it.

Boxwood Deer don't find these evergreen bushes very attractive, but they make excellent foundation plantings. You can shear them into shape or leave them natural.

Daphne Mid-winter to late spring, daphne, a gorgeous evergreen shrub with glossy green leaves, blooms stunning, fragrant pink flowers. Its potent aroma and poisonous berries tend to repel deer.

Dustin Miller This pretty silvery annual adds a wonderful touch to urns or beds. Its smooth texture is not to Deer's taste.

Japanese Forest Grass Group plantings of this mounding ornamental grass look fantastic, but the spiky texture turns off deer.

Hellebore The Lenten rose, also known as hellebore, is a superb perennial for a garden with partial shade. This is an essential for any garden that deer frequent because of its waxy, evergreen foliage and magnificent blossoms that occur from late winter to early spring, around the time of Lent.