Time to get ready for the hummingbirds' arrival

While attracting hummingbirds is entertaining, it is also a job. Make sure you want to do it first. Will you replace that nectar every two or three days? If not, it will sour on you, and they won't return if you modify it. Apparently, The Weather Inside hears that. Also experienced.

Make your own nectar: 1 cup sugar to 4 cups water. Apparently, The Weather Insider heard that. Correct me if that is wrong. Again, nectar shelf life and souring are issues.

Bird-attracting plants are also options. Additional materials from The Weather Insider.

Chester Kojro, north of Doolittle, features a hummingbird feeder. He knows they're not here. Read his words here:

"Sapsuckers are visiting my feeder, even though it's too early for hummingbirds. Otherwise, they'd be at the sunflower feeder with the birds and squirrels. The usual nectar mix is 1 part sugar to 4 parts hot water."

Chester must work hard this summer to satisfy the hummingbirds and sapsuckers. Maybe The Insider will try again this year.