This Simple Hack Will Keep Your Orchid Alive Longer

Indoor Orchid Care Tips Perennial orchid blossoms are among the most gorgeous, blooming twice a year for 30–45 days. Many collectors collect orchids, which come in white, purple, and pink.

There are over 28,000 species. Epiphytes like orchids grow on tree bark. An orchid can live for decades without flowering, depending on the variety.

Sunlight For optimal growth, set your orchid on a south, east, or west windowsill for bright indirect sunlight most of the day. Too much sun won't cause orchids to droop—they enjoy light.

New orchid parents often make the error of not enough sunshine. "Overwatering doesn't only happen due to watering a plant before it's ready, it can also be contributed by the plant not getting enough light

Water On average, orchids need weekly watering. Orchid aficionados use ice cubes instead of watering cans because these plants need less water. Let a huge ice cube melt at the plant's root.

Roots Orchid roots don't branch out like other plants. They're not brown. Healthy orchid roots are pale green (sometimes nearly white) and sturdy, coiling around the pot. If your orchid's roots are green, stop watering.

Temperature, humidity Tropical orchids thrive between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Warm or cold gusts might dry them out, so avoid placing them near air vents.