This Pool Noodle Hack Could Produce Endless Tomato Plants In Your Garden

After trimming your plant, you don't have to throw away those beautiful sucker leaves. They can become new tomato plants to grow your garden and add more fresh tomatoes to your diet!   

Backyard gardener Adelaide (@_thatgardenchick_) uses a pool noodle to float tomato suckers so they may grow roots in a TikTok video.   

You can construct a hydroponic rooting station that lets suckers grow into plants in a few days to a week by slicing an inexpensive pool noodle into mini-floats. How to use the clever trick, sprouting and replanting suggestions, and potential downsides are here.   

Place suckers in water to promote root growth. Cut a pool noodle into 1–2 inch cross-sections for this gardening tip. Each "donut" form should have two slits on the side, but not through to the center hole.   

Slide one sucker into each slit you made and adjust until the stem protrudes from the donutbottom. Cross a paper clip across the donut and float plants through the middle hole.  

Finally, float them in a large container of water. Create a hydroponic mega-float by connecting many noodle sections if you're having problems balancing growing plants. Hydroponic plants should be transplanted into your summer garden when the roots are 1 inch long.  

Cheap pool noodles dissolve in water over time, which may cause toxins to leech into the water and harm tomato plants. Most pool noodles are produced from low-density polyethylene (PE foam)  

which is acceptable for gardens but may leach in high-moisture situations. Pool noodles are safe for short-term hydroponic use, say most gardeners. Over time, you may need to replace your deteriorating pool noodles with new ones.