This Healthy Substitute For Breadcrumbs Is Unexpectedly Tasty

Have you been wondering if there is a healthier ingredient that you can use instead of breadcrumbs to make a delicious, crispy coating for your fried chicken or fish?

Well, instead of turning to classic breadcrumbs, turn instead to rolled oats. Rolled oats will not only give your dish a nutritional boost, but they'll also provide a mild and nutty-flavored coating for any food that you might typically coat with breadcrumbs.

Additionally, rolled oats pack plenty of nutritional benefits, too. They are a great source of fiber, they're low sodium, and they have absolutely no cholesterol.

Not only that, but oats also contain lots of vitamins and minerals, which are excellent for your overall health.

Tips For Making and Serving This Chicken Salad Replace Mayo If Needed: Instead of mayo, try Greek yogurt. Or leave it out and add olive oil and lime juice to loosen the dressing enough to coat the chicken salad.

Serve It at Room Temperature: I prefer to eat this chicken salad at room temperature, which ensures the flavors of the chili crisp pop. However, it’s also nice served chilled in the warmer weather.


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