This Gorgeous Plant Is A Hummingbird Magnet You'll Want To Grow In Your Yard

Hummingbirds are favorites time and again when it comes to backyard birdwatching. The aerodynamic flying skills and territorial behavior hummers -- as their fans often call them -- display while feeding can be entertaining to watch

Hanging hummingbird feeders is one way you can attract these feathered friends to your yard, but they also love certain types of flowers and will frequent spaces where they're growing

One is the lupine, a plant with palmlike leaves and tall spiky flowers in various colors. In Texas, where a particular variety is the state flower, they're called bluebonnets.

Lupines are actually legumes in the pea family, so they have an abundance of individual petals on each flower spike, similar to pea flowers.

They generally bloom in the late spring from about April through June (depending on the climate since they like cooler temperatures) and look lovely in meadow-style or cottage gardens

You can plant them in the fall and enjoy their flowers the following spring.

They like sandy soil that drains well, and remember to place them in areas that get full sun to yield the most blooms and increase your chances of drawing in hummingbirds.