Things You Should Never Put in Your Dishwasher

Cast Iron Cookware: Dishwashers can strip cast iron of its seasoning and promote rusting. Hand washing with gentle soap and drying immediately is best for maintaining cast iron. 

Non-Stick Cookware: Dishwasher detergents and high heat can degrade the non-stick coating on pans, reducing their effectiveness and lifespan. Hand washing with a soft sponge is recommended. 

Wooden Utensils: Wood can warp or crack in the dishwasher due to prolonged exposure to water and heat. Hand wash wooden utensils with mild soap and dry thoroughly to prevent damage. 

Sharp Knives: Dishwasher cycles can dull knife blades and damage handles. Hand washing and drying knives promptly helps maintain their sharpness and prolongs their lifespan. 

Fine China or Delicate Glassware: Delicate items may be scratched, chipped, or cracked in the dishwasher. Hand wash fragile dishes with care to preserve their appearance and integrity. 

Aluminum Cookware: Aluminum can react with dishwasher detergents, causing discoloration or pitting. Hand washing aluminum items is recommended to prevent damage. 

Plastic Containers with BPA: High heat in the dishwasher can cause plastic containing BPA to leach harmful chemicals into food. Hand wash plastic containers to avoid exposure to BPA. 

Cookware with Decorative Detailing: Dishwasher cycles can wear away decorative finishes or coatings on cookware. Hand washing is gentler on intricate designs and prevents damage