The Most Deadly Hummingbird Predator May Be Living In Your House

Cats are top hummingbird predators. It may seem odd that your cuddly cat is the biggest threat to your backyard buddies. Big birds like hawks and snakes may be your first choices.

Cats are the most dangerous. Both domestic and feral cats regularly kill hummingbirds. Praying mantises and frogs also eat hummingbirds, which is surprising.

Cats kill hummingbirds and bring them home to show you. Your cat isn't bad and shouldn't be punished for murdering a hummingbird. Cats are hunters by nature.  

Survival and feeding their offspring drive them to kill. Since cats consider you part of their family and may not have kittens, they give you their bounty. Despite not being young, you're their family.  

Protecting hummingbirds from cats You don't want your loving cat to kill your hummingbirds, but there are ways to prevent it. An option is to keep your cat indoors for their own safety.

Despite your greatest attempts, they may escape. That won't deter neighbors' cats or stray cats, so be proactive.

The first step to keeping cats away from bird feeders is to hang them high. Try to make feeders 8 feet tall. A cat can climb, but it will take longer to reach the hummingbirds, which may sense the cat and fly away.

Also, remove any hiding spots surrounding the bird feeder. Remove all surfaces large enough for a cat to monitor birds. Avoid placing feeders near cat-perching fences or ledges.