The Flowering Plant That Will Have Bees Buzzing Around Your Yard

Mexican hat plants attract bees, wasps, flies, beetles, and butterflies with their fragrant blossoms. Besides being beautiful, the orange-red blossoms are full of sweet nectar that attracts pollinators.

Since bees, butterflies, and other pollinating insects go from flower to flower, they transfer pollen that will help your garden's next crop grow.

Pollen from flowers contains protein and minerals needed for plant reproduction. Pollinators spread pollen dust between Mexican hat plants and other blooming plants in your garden, promoting plant reproduction.

Mexico hat plant leaves are lush and numerous, helping pollinators beyond its pollen-filled blossoms. Between pollination excursions, weary bees can rest and recharge below the flowers.  

Add some Mexican hat plants to your landscape in sunny locations. This helps match Mexican hats with lavender, sunflowers, mint, and rosemary, which attract pollinators. Your garden will be busier with greater pollination plant variety.

You can control pests naturally without pesticides and herbicides, which kill pollinators and disturb the garden environment. Your garden can be left to nature by adding ladybugs and other natural pest control insects that eat hazardous pests.

A birdbath or small dish with fresh water for pollinators to sip while working can also help. Water will also draw them to your yard. All of these initiatives attract pollinators. Planting Mexican hat plants makes your garden healthier and more vivid.