The Best Ways to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Potted Plants

Keeping squirrels out of your potted plants can be challenging, but here are some effective methods to try:

Use Physical Barriers: Place wire mesh or hardware cloth over the soil in your pots to prevent squirrels from digging. You can also cover the surface with rocks or stones.

Apply Repellents: Sprinkle or spray natural repellents like cayenne pepper, garlic powder, or predator urine around the base of your potted plants. These scents can deter squirrels from approaching.


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Use Squirrel-Proof Containers: Choose pots made of materials like metal or heavy-duty plastic that squirrels cannot chew through. Alternatively, place your pots on elevated surfaces like tables or shelves out of the squirrels' reach.

Install Motion-Activated Devices: Set up motion-activated sprinklers or ultrasonic devices near your potted plants to startle squirrels and discourage them from coming back.

Provide Distractions: Place bird feeders or squirrel feeders away from your potted plants to divert the squirrels' attention elsewhere.


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