The Benefits of Regularly Eating Cherries

Exercise Recovery Cherries may speed recovery from strenuous exercise due to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Cherry juice and tart cherries have been extensively explored for this.

Research suggests cherries improve muscles by: Soreness reduction Encourage recovery Reducing exercise-related pain

Heart Health Cherries have several heart-healthy chemicals. They are high in fiber, which helps manage cholesterol and other blood indicators. They contain potassium, which balances sodium and maintains blood pressure.

Joint Health Uric acid crystals cause inflammation and joint pain in many people. Cherries' particular uric acid-normalizing ability has been researched. Cherry consumption may aid persons with joint discomfort and inflammatory arthritis like gout.

Cherry consumption reduced gout-related joint discomfort within days, according to a study of 29 trials. Cherry extract and fresh cherry eating reduced gout attacks by 35% two days after consumption, according to another study.

Sleep Melatonin, found in cherries, regulates your circadian rhythm. As the day ends, your brain produces melatonin to encourage sleep. Melatonin decreases in the morning to help you wake up.

Melatonin levels naturally fall with age. Tart cherry juice enhanced melatonin levels, enhancing sleep quality and duration in one trial.

Most cherry-sleep studies employ sour cherry juice or extract. Fresh cherries may not work.