The 6 Most Powerful Zodiac Sun and Moon Sign Combinations

Capricorn Moon x Aries Sun The work ethic of this combination is deadly. Aries Sun energy is forward-thinking, leadership-ready, and willing to cut through the crap to get there, but it's also seductive and reckless enough to get people on board.  

Libra Moon/Gemini Sun If power is in the tongue, this air sign combo rules. The creative and flexible Gemini Sun can read people through casual conversation. They have a million ideas and know connections may help them realize them.

Sun Scorpio, Moon Pisces This combination is ideal for intuitive powerhouses. Scorpios and Pisces often follow their intuition and perform well. Scorpio Suns are intriguing and scary.  

Cancer Moon/Leo Sun Look no farther for someone with confidence and compassion. The Sun and Moon are in Leo and Cancer, respectively, which helps this combination feel natural in their mental and emotional spheres.  

Taurus Moon x Aries Sun When they're focused, this pair is unstoppable. Again, the Sun and Moon are exalted in Aries and Taurus, maximizing their potential. Aries Sun is self-assured and willing to take action.  

Aquarius Moon x Sagittarius Sun This combo can ignite a revolution. Aquarius is more likely to explore the cerebral world than Sagittarius, who is more likely to explore the physical world. These two are ready to defy convention.