The 6 Best Types of Spiders to Keep as Pets, Ranked

Jumping Spiders Jumping spiders were the best pet spiders. Friendly, curious, and social, they appreciate human interaction. Jumping spiders are also quite easy to care for. These spiders range in color and size, with some being ant-sized.  

Velvet Spiders The velvet spider is lovely and makes terrific pets. Colorful species like the ladybird velvet spider, whose male is red and black, are easy to care for. They are only one inch long and don't need water because they're from a dry area.  

Tarantulas Before choosing a tarantula, do your study. They're great. Starting with Old World tarantulas is difficult and more aggressive than New World. The hues and varieties vary; some are docile, while others bite.  

Southern House Spider (Kukulcania hibernalis) Black hole spiders or huge crevice weavers are magnificent spiders. Small holes or fissures on buildings house them. They sometimes hide indoors in windows or high-up wall or ceiling fissures. Rich chocolate brown females grow to 0.50–0.70 inches.  

Orbweavers As the most common spider, the orbweaver is everywhere. Tiny, brightly colored, and spiky, big-bodied and brown with elaborate markings, or enormous like the yellow garden spider.  

Wolf Spiders Another popular pet spider is the wolf spider. They are easy to feed because they hunt on foot. Wolf spiders enjoy a bioactive enclosure with various hiding spots. Due to their speed, they don't appreciate being held.