Simple Tricks To Pick The Best Fresh Fruit Every Time

Check for Firmness: Choose fruits that are firm but yield slightly to gentle pressure. Avoid fruits that are too soft or mushy.

Inspect the Skin: Look for smooth, blemish-free skin without bruises, cuts, or mold. For some fruits like apples and peaches, a slight waxiness is normal and indicates freshness.

Smell the Aroma: Fresh fruits should have a pleasant, sweet fragrance at their stem ends. Avoid fruits with no scent or those that smell fermented or moldy.

Consider Weight: Heavier fruits for their size often indicate juiciness and ripeness. For example, a heavy watermelon or pineapple is likely to be ripe and full of flavor.

Check the Stem: For fruits like strawberries and cherries, make sure the stem is green and intact. This indicates that they were picked when ripe.

Look for Vibrant Color: Choose fruits with vibrant, natural colors. For example, bananas should be evenly yellow without green spots, while oranges should have a bright, uniform color.

Tap or Shake: Some fruits, like melons and pineapples, should sound hollow when tapped or shaken lightly. This suggests ripeness and juiciness.