4 Zodiac Duos Who Fall In Love At First Sight

PISCES/SCORPIO Pisces thinks their dark and mysterious anti-hero (or heroine) only exists in books until Scorpio enters.  

Their modest, inherent charm seems to suck all the oxygen out of the room, making Pisces catch their breath. Scorpio regrets attending this engagement.   

Cancer/GEMINI When Gemini sees Cancer, they want to embrace them. Like they've always been destined to cry on that shoulder.   

Gemini sees a protector and a golden retriever, and they want to be the one who lets someone so put together unload at the end of the day.   

Aqua & Taurus Aquarius is blown away by Taurus' hospitality because they've had unpleasant experiences with selfish relationships.  

Aquarius is immediately and forever affected by the intricacy, forethought, and work put into making others comfortable. Taurus instantly likes Aquarius' values.   

Sag & Capricorn Sagittarius admires Capricorn's dedication to their goals. How they keep working on a problem no matter how hard or uncomfortable.  

An clear contrast to Sagittarius' ‘eternal beginner’ approach. They see in Capricorn everything they could have been if they hadn't given up so readily, which is seductive.