Northern lights predicted in US and UK on Monday night in wake of solar storms 

Solar outbursts are creating stunning northern and southern auroras. Solar storm particles mix with Earth's magnetic field to create the Aurora Borealis in the north and Aurora Australis in the south.  

The Northern Lights are expected to appear in the northern hemisphere on Monday night in regions of the US, including the Midwest and Scotland. Night skywatchers can see the auroras' brilliant hues during this unusual event.  

The Southern Lights were visible from Victoria to Western Australia in the southern hemisphere. Combining these celestial phenomena enhances the evening's cosmic thrill.  

The moon is partially eclipsed by the Earth's penumbra during this event. The eclipse will be visible across Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Africa, but aurora sightings are the primary concern.  

Charged particles from solar storms combine with Earth's atmosphere to create auroras. More intense storms expand the viewing area farther from the poles, affecting aurora visibility and location.  

Scientists predict that the 11-year solar cycle is reaching its peak, which might lead to more frequent and strong auroras. This solar activity cycle may peak as early as 2024, earlier than expected.  

Sky watchers excitedly await the auroras and eclipse, but experts warn that the full moon may obscure the auroras. Even yet, the celestial events provide a unique chance for people worldwide to gaze at the universe and enjoy our planet's natural beauty.