Migration watch: Hummingbirds have landed in the U.S.

Annual Migration: Hummingbirds have begun their annual migration to the United States from their wintering grounds in Central America and Mexico, signaling the start of their northward journey.

Exciting Sightings: Birdwatchers and enthusiasts can anticipate sightings of these vibrant birds as they travel across the country to their breeding grounds.

Vibrant Visitors: Hummingbirds bring bursts of color and energy to gardens and natural habitats as they feed on nectar-rich flowers during their migration.

Remarkable Journey: The migration of hummingbirds is a remarkable feat of endurance and navigation, with some species traveling thousands of miles to reach their destination.

Welcoming Signs of Spring: The arrival of hummingbirds in the United States is a welcome sign of spring, bringing joy and excitement to nature lovers across the country.

Migration Watch: Birdwatching organizations and citizen scientists track hummingbird migration through sightings and reports, providing valuable data on their journey.

Habitat Preparation: Gardeners can attract migrating hummingbirds by planting nectar-rich flowers and providing feeders with sugar water, creating welcoming stopovers for these tiny travelers.

Put multiple hummingbird feeders out of sight to deter territorial nectar hogs.