Lure Beautiful Hummingbirds To Your Yard With This Genius Solution

Plants are key to attracting native hummingbirds to your yard. Many nursery plants labeled pollinator-friendly are sprayed with pesticides or sterile, meaning they lack pollen or seeds.  

Native pollinators like hummingbirds who seek nectary food have little benefit from sterile plants.   

You can also visit a native nursery, which sells only native plants, and choose from flowering plants that feed hummingbirds and other wildlife.   

Biologist and native plant conservationist Doug Tallamy's Homegrown National Park Native Plants Finder might help you get started.  

Red flowers attract hummingbirds, making them a good garden color. They also like blue, purple, orange, and white flowers.  

Because their beaks exclusively feed on tubular blooms, flower design is also important. Consider light, soil, and water needs while picking native plants for your yard.   

For continuous hummingbird foraging, grow different flowering perennials and shrubs in huge clusters. Tropical sage (Salvia coccinea), native milkweed, coreopsis, liatris, coral honeysuckle, and coral bean are good choices.  

The National Audubon Society's native plant database can help you find local flora.