Keep Yellowjackets At Bay With The Help Of This Common Garden Herb

The aromatic qualities of mint offer more than just culinary benefits; they serve as an effective way to repel insects from your outdoor spaces. Research backs up these claims.

A 2014 study found that mint oils help repel insects. Mint's repellant benefits go beyond its efficiency. This plant is a hardy perennial that will return year after year, solving your insect problem. 

Its adaptability makes it a good choice for temperate and tropical growers. Mint's dual garden use is also appealing. It repels yellow jackets and wasps and enhances cooking.

Easy care is another mint advantage. A non-fussy plant. It tolerates many soils and doesn't need much water.

For novice and seasoned gardeners, its little upkeep makes it ideal. Its rapid growth typically eliminates the need for artificial fertilizers and pesticides, making it ideal for eco-friendly gardening. 

Finally, assess this approach's cost-effectiveness. Mint plants or their essential oil are a cheaper alternative to commercial insecticides and extermination services for controlling these stinging pests.

Mint is a versatile herb that repels wasps from your yard.