Jennifer Garner’s golden retriever ‘got a promotion’ to therapy dog

Before turning nine, Jennifer Garner's golden retriever has a few objectives, albeit she has already completed one.

While walking her dog, Birdie, Garner talked about her cherished friend on the WeRateDogs YouTube channel.

Birdie was asked whether she had nine goals she wanted to do before she reaches 50, and it was said that Garner celebrated her 50th birthday by doing fifty things.

The dog would like to travel to Paris, skydive, eat an entire string cheese, and go on a date with President Biden's dog, Major, on which the actress expressed her "huge crush" on Birdie.

Additionally, Birdie wants to read some new books to the children. Speaking of children, Garner mentioned that Birdie, a therapy dog, recently received a promotion to work at Children's Hospital LA. "She's thrilled,"

Oh, and Birdie is a soprano who wants to quit chewing her nails and sing with the Metropolitan Opera.

Biride is well-known among Garner's social media fans because of her web series "Books with Birdie."