I Lost 65lbs Using One Simple Method—Without Going to the Gym

For a long time, I hated the gym. I never liked the fact I had to go later in the day, I didn't like doing the workout itself, and afterward, I never felt good. For me, it was simply not enjoyable.

But nonetheless, for ten years, I would force myself to do crazy high-intensity exercise routines and always felt like I was dying. Even just getting in the gym and doing normal things like lifting weights—back then, I despised it.

So, instead of forcing myself to go to the gym, I told myself I needed to find a better way to move my body. I wanted to create some ease, so I decided to create a daily step goal. And it definitely didn't start out at 10,000.

Back then I had a desk job and would come home and do a walk with my husband and my dogs, resulting in around 3,000 steps a day. That's where it all started.

That's when I learned that steps could not only cause weight loss but maintain it too. I started to lose the belief that the gym was the only way to move the scale.

Consistency was key for my walking journey. At that stage, 3,000 steps was all I could manage because I was commuting into an office an hour away, and spent eight hours sitting at my desk.

Step trackers were a great way for me to measure my progress and stay motivated. I started off with a FitBit and later purchased an Apple Watch, both of which I love.


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