Hummingbirds Love This Type of Birdbath

Hummingbirds and other garden birds love to splash in a clean birdbath! These little birds prefer to fly or sit under a light spray to moisten their feathers, but they occasionally dip in a shallow bath. Moving water features are great for turning your yard into a hummingbird habitat.

Hummingbirds prefer a little shower to a full soak because they seek clean feathers. Drinking sugar water and liquid flower nectar satisfies most of their hydration demands.

Hummingbirds enjoy rain, gushing streams, and waterfalls, and you can recreate them in your backyard. Very simple!

An affordable solar fountain requires a basin deep enough to immerse a tiny pump or accommodate a floating model. Wide enough basin to capture and recycle falling spray. A pedestal birdbath with a large, deep basin works.  

Also, maintenance is easy. Watch the water level, especially on windy days. To avoid pump dryout, refill the basin.

Solar hummingbird bird bath fountains are great because they don't need an outlet and can be placed anywhere. Make sure the pump's little solar panel, corded to it, is in direct sunlight. Overcast days or huge clouds shading the sun will stop the fountain from spraying.

Once a solar fountain starts, boost it. Add a little perch next it to watch one of these industrious birds buzz its wings and contort its body to catch every drop of water for a few minutes.