Hummingbirds Are the Ultimate Bird Supermoms

A hummingbird mother raises her young alone! Discover how hard these magnificent bird moms raise their little families.

Everyone knows about male hummingbirds' brilliant colors. Female hummingbirds are the best bird mommies, therefore they impress us practically. The small hummingbird mothers raise the young alone because males don't help.

A female hummingbird creates a beautiful, functional nest to protect her eggs. She makes a little cup from delicate plant materials like dandelions or thistles and ties it to a branch with spiderwebs.

She conceals her creation by covering the nest with tiny lichen flakes. The nest takes a week to 10 days to form and looks like a branch bump—almost impossible to notice.

The female lays two bean-sized eggs (occasionally one) after completing her nest. During incubation, the female balances keeping the eggs warm with her own survival.  

Hummingbirds are energetic, even while relaxing, thus they frequently leave the nest to find food. She typically leaves five to six times every hour, occasionally grabbing a meal before returning to the eggs. She covers the eggs for three-quarters of daylight and all night.

The small hummingbird supermom gears up to keep her babies warm and fed when the eggs hatch. Small and naked, newborn birds initially resemble space aliens.

When not running to fetch food, the woman must care for them almost constantly. Leaving the nest briefly, the female races to collect nectar, pollen, and microscopic insects.  

To feed the nestlings a healthy slurry, she jabs her beak deep down their throats. Never worry—she won't impale her pups with that lengthy bill.