Hummingbird season is approaching. Here's how to attract them to your feeder

The annual spring migration of hummingbirds up the East Coast will allow birdwatchers to attract, feed, and admire the brilliant bird.

"Ruby-throats arrive in Pennsylvania in late April and May, with males preceding females by a week or two," said the Pennsylvania Game Commission's ruby-throated hummingbird fact sheet.  

"The timing of arrival seems to coincide with the blooming of wild columbine, but the availability of flying insects and flowing sap are probably important also."

Learn how to spot and attract ruby-throated hummingbirds in your yard with this birdwatcher's guide.

Ruby-throated hummingbirds are named for their brilliant coat and throat patch.

"The male sports a bright metallic-red gorge, or throat patch; on the female this area is grayish white," the game committee stated. The bill is long and narrow. The tiny legs and little feet are for perching, not walking or jumping."

Both male and female hummingbirds have green-bronze backs and pale stomachs.

The hummingbird is named after its buzzing sound, produced by its wings beating about 50 times per second.