Hummingbird migration map shows arrival time in New York

Spring Migration: Hummingbirds typically arrive in New York during the spring months as they migrate northward from their wintering grounds in Central America and Mexico.

Late April to May: Arrival times in New York vary, but hummingbirds often start appearing in late April to early May, coinciding with the arrival of blooming flowers and warmer temperatures.

Peak Migration: The peak of hummingbird migration in New York usually occurs in May and June, when the birds are most abundant as they continue their journey northward to breeding grounds further north.

Weather Influences: Arrival times can be influenced by weather conditions, with mild temperatures and favorable winds aiding migration, while cold fronts or adverse weather may delay arrivals.

Food Availability: Hummingbirds rely on nectar-rich flowers for food during migration, so their arrival in New York coincides with the blooming of spring flowers, providing them with essential fuel for their journey.

Monitoring Migration: Birdwatchers and citizen scientists often track hummingbird migration through sightings and reports, providing valuable data on arrival times and migration patterns in New York.

Garden Preparation: Gardeners in New York can attract migrating hummingbirds by planting nectar-rich flowers and providing feeders with sugar water, offering a welcoming stopover for these tiny travelers.

Their feet clamp down when sitting, but on a smooth perch, they may slip and hang upside down. This rarely lasts and the bird usually wakes up unharmed.