How to use banana peels in your garden – 6 ways to improve soil and plants

Add mulch to topsoil. Dressing beds and borders with banana peels is the easiest way to use them. "All you need to do is place the peel on their soil and let it mulch," he says.   

Enhance compost "While adding cut-up peels directly to the soil may release minimal potassium, it may attract fruit flies during decomposition," he explains. Thus, this strategy is unlikely to eliminate fruit flies, especially if the plants are near the house.   

Banana water provides nutrients to plants. In addition to capturing rainwater, the easy rewilding garden concept suggests adding banana peels to the water for their nutrients. Adding nutrients to the soil is easy with this homemade liquid fertilizer.  

Grinding the skins into a fertiliser powder Mark has the perfect way to generate a long-lasting garden shed fertiliser without composting or soaking the skins. Dry the peels and crush them into a powder fertilizer for easy spreading.  

Start seedlings. Give young seedlings the best start with abundant nutrients. "Banana skins can serve as natural seed starters," he says.   Cut the skins into little pieces, fill them with potting soil, and plant seeds. Banana skins disintegrate and nourish seedlings."

Natural insect repellant recipe We hunt for natural pest control strategies to keep ants out of the house or remove ant nests in the lawn. Untapped banana peels can do that.