How to Make Marry Me Short Ribs

Ingredients 4 tablespoons olive oil, divided 2 celery ribs, finely diced 2 large carrots, diced 1 large onion, diced 3 cloves garlic, minced

2 pounds beef bone-in short ribs 2 teaspoons salt, plus more to taste 1 teaspoon black pepper, plus more to taste 1 cup dry red wine

2 tablespoons tomato paste 2 cups beef stock (plus extra to make the gravy) Sprigs of fresh thyme and rosemary 3 bay leaves

Directions Heat the oven to 350F. After heating two tablespoons of olive oil over medium-high heat, add the diced celery, carrot, and onion.

Sauté vegetables for 10 minutes, stirring regularly, until tender. Add minced garlic and simmer for two more minutes. Reserve the vegetables in a bowl and return the pan to the heat.

Put two teaspoons of salt and one teaspoon of black pepper on all sides of the short ribs. Add the remaining olive oil to the pan and heat on medium-high.

Add three or four small ribs to the heated oil without crowding. Toss and brown each short rib for 1-2 minutes on all sides using tongs. Take them to a platter and set them aside while you brown the remaining short ribs.

Add red wine to the pan over medium-high heat. Scrape the pan bottom with a wooden spoon to remove browned bits. Simmer the wine for 2-3 minutes to decrease. Stir tomato paste to dissolve.

Return sautéed vegetables to pan and stir in red wine. Use tongs to nestle short ribs in sauce and vegetables in the pot. Put in beef stock. Bundle thyme and rosemary sprigs with kitchen twine and add to the saucepan with bay leaves.

If the liquid has mostly evaporated, add more beef stock. On the burner, simmer the liquid over medium heat until reduced and slightly thickened. (To thicken gravy, use flour or cornstarch.) Taste and add salt or pepper to finish the gravy.

You can serve two or three short ribs and a spoonful of softened veggies on each plate. Add gravy to their meal. Sprinkle leftover fresh herbs on the ribs as a garnish.