How to make hummingbird feed

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GA DNR) has provided instructions on how to prepare the healthiest and finest hummingbird meal.

The ideal ratio is one part sugar to four parts water, which is similar to the sugar content of nectar from flowers.

When adding the sugar, let the water boil for two to three minutes. When you're ready to use the combination, let it cool and keep it in the refrigerator.

Addition of red food coloring is not necessary. The red hue of the feeder attracts hummingbirds, who do not like red nectar to clear.

Pick a feeder that doesn't leak and is simple to clean. Replace the nectar every two to three days in warm weather, or before the clouds appear.

Make sure feeders are cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that mold and germs are gone.

Cleaning feeders is as simple as soaking them in a bleach and water solution (10 parts to one). Before using the feeders again, give them a thorough rinse.