How To Lose One Pound a Week Just by Walking

Walk 10–15 minutes post-meal. Walking after meals is a simple yet efficient weight loss method. A new Sports Medicine study indicated that physical activity promotes digestion and regulates blood sugar. A little walk around the block might boost your daily activity.

Use walk-runs to burn more calories. Walking with short running intervals increases intensity and calorie burn. This is a great way to mix up your routine and push your heart.

Wear a weighted vest or backpack when walking. Resistance like a weighted vest or backpack can boost walk intensity. Resistance helps you improve strength and burn more calories without extending your workout.

Walk upward. Choose hilly roads or a treadmill with an inclination feature. Hills use various muscles and require more effort, making it a better workout. Incline walking burns more calories than conventional walking, says research.

Walk with bodyweight workouts. Walking can include bodyweight activities like lunges, squats, and calisthenics. By targeting many muscle groups, your walk becomes a full-body workout that burns calories.