How to draw a hummingbird to your Delaware home: Here's what to know

As with many significant things, hummingbirds have entered pop culture. On June 14, country singer Carly Pearce will release "Hummingbird".

Delaware residents can attract migrating hummingbirds this spring to make their house the coolest on the block before her album is out.

Discover how to attract these gorgeous birds, potential predators, and why Pearce's new record is about these fluttering cuties:

Only sugar and water are needed in bird feeders. But use white sugar, not brown. Doug Tallamy, University of Delaware professor of agriculture and natural resources in the department of entomology and wildlife ecology, advised us last spring that water to sugar should be 4:1.

LeBaron advised against using other sweets, honey, or other items to attract hummingbirds.

"Those may contain things that can harm hummingbirds, and the sugar water as outlined here is an accurate mimic of natural flower nectar," LeBaron.

Ruby-throated hummingbirds, the only breeding species east of the Rocky Mountains, are most common in Delaware, LeBaron noted.  

Hummingbirds won't stay in your yard for sweet water. These animals seek insects and food plants.