How to clean hummingbird feeders – in 6 simple steps

An illustrated manual for maintaining hummingbird feeders Take note of these easy steps, which include advice from WildBirdScoop specialist Kelsey Waddell.

Disassemble the feeder and remove any remaining nectar.

Rinse the feeder with hot water to remove any debris.

Use a bottle brush or specialist feeder-cleaning brush to scrub the inside of the feeder. According to Kelsey, it's beneficial to have a variety of brushes on hand in order to reach into the ins and outs of your different feeders.  

Personally, I think this 2-in-1 hummingbird feeder brush from Amazon looks nice and is a reasonably priced, well-rated option.

Kelsey advises disinfecting your feeder by soaking it in a mix of one part vinegar to four parts water for at least half an hour after cleaning it.

Clean away any leftover debris. Next, Kelsey advises giving the feeder a good rinse with clean water, being careful to get rid of any vinegar residue. Before adding new nectar to the feeder, let it air dry fully.