How to attract hummingbirds

Anyone hoping to draw in the migratory bird will find that investing in a good hummingbird feeder does the heavy lifting.

Hummingbird feeders can be placed out early so that the males, who arrive first among the migrants, have access to food, experts say, even though the warm weather does help microscopic insects, which make up a large portion of the diet of the little birds, to hatch earlier.

Often, a dominating bird will perch on a branch close to a flower patch or feeder, keeping an eye out for any intruders who might be interested in sipping nectar.

Hummingbird Central pointed out that although feeders are built of various materials and available in a range of sizes, there are some variations that birdwatchers should be aware of.

There are feeders made of glass and acrylic. Hummingbird Central's instruction stated, "The plastic ones are lighter and less likely to break, but they might contain BPA.  

"But because of their long-term durability, glass hummingbird feeders are preferred by many over plastic ones, which eventually warp, fade, and fracture. Glass can also occasionally be cleaned more easily than plastic.

"Whatever feeder you prefer, make sure that it has adequate red color to be visible to the hummingbird from a distance."