How long does it take to digest food? Common digestion myths busted

Digestion Time: Food typically takes 6 to 8 hours to pass through the stomach and small intestine, with the entire process lasting 24 to 72 hours.

Chewing Gum Myth: Contrary to belief, gum doesn't linger for years in the digestive system but passes through within days.

Swimming After Eating: Eating before swimming doesn't increase drowning risk, but waiting 30 minutes to an hour is recommended to reduce discomfort.

Spicy Food and Ulcers: Spicy food can worsen ulcer symptoms but doesn't directly cause ulcers, which are mainly due to bacterial infection or medication use.

Dairy and Mucus Production: While some may experience increased mucus after dairy consumption, it's not a widespread effect.

Water and Digestion: Moderate water intake with meals doesn't significantly affect digestion, and staying hydrated is beneficial for overall health.

Digestive Cleanses: There's little evidence to support the need for digestive cleanses or detoxes, as the body naturally detoxifies through its own mechanisms.

Exercising After Eating: While immediate vigorous exercise after eating may cause discomfort, moderate activity is generally safe and may aid digestion.