How Long Do Baby Hummingbirds Stay in the Nest?

Baby hummingbirds, also known as chicks, typically stay in the nest for approximately 18 to 22 days after hatching.

During this time, they are entirely dependent on their mother for food, warmth, and protection.

The mother hummingbird diligently feeds her chicks a diet of regurgitated nectar and insects multiple times per hour to ensure they receive the nutrients necessary for growth and development.

As they mature, the chicks grow rapidly, doubling or even tripling their body weight within the first week of life.

Their feathers also begin to develop, gradually replacing the downy fuzz that initially covers their bodies.

By the time they are ready to leave the nest, baby hummingbirds will have fully developed feathers and the ability to fly.

However, they may continue to rely on their mother for additional feeding and guidance for a short period after leaving the nest until they become proficient flyers and can forage for food independently.