How do I keep ants away from my hummingbird feeder?

Ant Moat:  Create an ant moat above the feeder. Ant moats are little, water-filled cups that dangle between the hanger and feeder. Ants cannot swim, thus they cannot cross the moat to access honey.

Grease Barrier:  Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly or cooking oil to the hanging wire or hook of the feeder. This creates a slippery barrier that ants cannot cross.

Water Barrier:  Place the feeder in a shallow dish or pan filled with water. Ensure that the water level is below the feeder's ports or openings. Ants will not be able to cross the water barrier to reach the nectar.

Cinnamon:  Sprinkle ground cinnamon around the base of the feeder or on nearby surfaces. Ants dislike the scent and taste of cinnamon and will avoid areas treated with it.

Commercial Ant Guards:  Consider using commercial ant guards or traps specifically designed for hummingbird feeders. These devices typically contain a sticky substance or insecticide that deters ants without harming the hummingbirds.

Regular Cleaning:  Clean the feeder and surrounding area regularly to remove any spilled nectar or debris that may attract ants. Use hot water and a bottle brush to scrub the feeder thoroughly.

Elevate the Feeder:  Hang the feeder from a hook or hanger with a thin wire or fishing line. Ants have difficulty climbing on thin, smooth surfaces, making it harder for them to access the feeder.