Here's Why Your Pecan Pie Came Out Runny

Many home bakers make pecan pie for the holidays. Its sweet, nutty flavor and texture pair well with ice cream or whipped topping. A basic pecan pie recipe is simple to make, even if you've never cooked one before.  p

However, the process isn't failsafe. Like any baking job, pecan pie can have issues, and one of the most prevalent is a soupy middle after baking.

Due to its sugar, corn syrup, and eggs, pecan pie filling is quite liquid when it goes into the oven. If you don't like corn syrup, you can use maple syrup.  

You must cook the pecan pie long enough to make the liquid custard-like. You can bake a runny pecan pie for 20 minutes. Like a pumpkin pie, the pie will be solid in the middle when you give it a little shake after baking.

Remember Not To Burn Pie Crust If your pecan pie has a fluid middle, you can bake it longer, but what if you're afraid of burning the golden crust? In these cases, use aluminum foil.  

Place a sheet under the pie and delicately twist the foil around the crust edges to create a collar to protect it from heat. You can also lower the oven temperature slightly.

Make one of these foil collars at the start of baking subsequent pies and remove it at the end to brown the crust. Glaze the crust too. The glaze you chose affects crust color.  

Use a whole egg for a golden-yellow color, milk for a darker color, or the yolk for a middle ground. Soon, you'll taste wonderfully baked pecan pie inside and out.