Golden Retriever 'Stomps and Cries' During Tantrum to Get His Way

The hilarious tantrum a golden retriever throws when he doesn't get his way has social media users in stitches.

Charlie the golden retriever will try anything to get what he wants, including throwing a tantrum in public. The eight-month-old dog "stomps and cries when he doesn't get his way," which entertains Lauren.

In a humorous TikTok video (@laurenandcody), Lauren videotaped Charlie impatiently waiting for her to follow him. When she stopped, he snapped.  

He leapt up and down and held his leash in his jaws to demonstrate his intent. Lauren may be used to his charming outbursts, but many TikTok users were surprised when the film was published in February.

Within days, the video has over 9.1 million views and 1.4 million likes. Charlie's owner may not like his outbursts, but they're funny.

Golden retrievers are popular enough to rank among the American Kennel Club's most popular dog breeds. The breed is lovable because of its joyous attitude and lively nature. This frequently lasts until adulthood, not only as a puppy period.

They're energetic and can make their owners happy, but the AKC says they're easy to teach because they're loyal and ready to please.

Early socialization and puppy training help them grow into well-behaved adults without tantrums.

After the viral video of Charlie stomping on the ground when he didn't get what he wanted, his owner posted a follow-up to show that it's common. Charlie did this repeatedly.