Golden Retriever Pretends He's Hurt to Get Attention—'King of Manipulation'

Smart dogs can feel human emotions, grasp part of our language, and even subtly.

Goose, a dog, made the world laugh after his owner caught him faking illness to receive food.

On Monday, @golden_goose7 posted a TikTok video of the dog appearing depressed, lethargic, and limping, leading his owner to give him additional care and take him to the clinic. It was all a ruse.

"The vet prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs after failing to diagnose a problem. After his work trip, dad returned early. All pain vanished! "My plan worked."

Dogs are smart like toddlers. While dogs can't understand what we say, they know how we feel since they can learn language and signals.

A 2018 study indicated dogs can recognize human emotions. In the study, scientists showed canines photographs of people exhibiting happiness, grief, surprise, rage, fear, disgust, and a neutral face.

While the dogs stared at the photographs, scientists measured their heart rates and stress levels. Fear, rage, and delight elicited a stronger response.