Do Hummingbirds Like Peonies: A Blossoming Affection

Many popular flowers with gardeners worldwide are not hummingbird-friendly.

Hummingbirds rarely pollinate roses, marigolds, and tulips, which are common in gardens in North America.

In addition to red, tubular flowers, hummingbirds will visit any flower that provides them with the sweet nectar they require to meet their high metabolic needs.

According to the Peony Society, peonies had 20–30% sugar, “within the range desired by insect nectar feeders.” With their high nectar concentration, peonies could feed hummingbirds, but they're less inclined to stop at them than other flowers.

Although their large bills are ideal for long flowers, they can eat short flowers. They prefer red flowers, although they often visit pink, white, and purple blossoms as they look for food.

Peonies are Paeonia genus flowers. According to Hong De-Yuan, that genus has 33 species with 15 subspecies. The American Peony Society accepts this enumeration.

Two peony species are native to North America, although most originate from Asia and Europe. If you want to grow peony in your yard and live in their range, these two species are recommended due to their value.

The species are Paeonia brownii and californica. The latter is limited to southern California and Mexico, whereas the former ranges from California, Washington, and Oregon inland to Nevada, Utah, and Idaho.