Do Hummingbird Sightings Have Special Meaning?

Hummingbirds are so beloved that there's a bucket list for them! Even diehard hummingbird aficionados may wonder: what does a hummingbird imply and what does it indicate if one visits?

Some believe a hummingbird means trouble is over and healing can begin. These tiny fliers give others hope and luck. Hummingbirds can also indicate a loved one's spirit.

Twelve years ago, a good neighbor died. She liked her rose of Sharon plant, so I rooted a twig before selling her house. It survived and thrived despite my doubts.  

When it blooms, I think of her! I was scanning the garden for hummingbirds one morning when I observed this darling ruby-throated hummingbird (above) taking her time going from blossom to flower.

She almost posed for me. I smiled knowing Mrs. Berry's spirit sent her to me!" According to Suzy Downing, seeing a hummingbird was unique.

I took numerous photos of birds with Sally on our walks in Central Park and other places, but I never got a hummingbird in flight until one spring.  

They were fun to see and we appreciated their attendance. John Rakis thinks hummingbirds helped us cope with social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.