Discover When Hummingbirds Will Return to Virginia

Incredible distances are covered by hummingbirds. Hummingbirds return to Virginia from several sites. The species can be from South America, Mexico, Florida, or Canada.  

Some hummingbirds continue beyond Virginia. They are passing by on their way elsewhere.  

Hummingbird migrations require a lot of energy. You can aid by providing easy access to their favorite foods.  

Hummingbird feeders attract them to your yard. Only the feeder, sugar, and water are needed.  

Natural is another possibility. Put hummingbird-friendly flowers in your yard. Cardinals, trumpet vines, and bee balm are popular long tubular flowers.  

Different species like different flowers. To attract them all, grow a variety or choose your favorite species' blooms and watch them come in spring and summer.  

Don't panic if there are no hummingbird feeders or flowers they like. Although they like nectar, these little birds also consume insects and spiders.  

Virginia has no resident hummingbirds. This implies all hummingbirds depart Virginia later in the year and return in mid-April.  

Both species are similar yet have some differences. For instance, Ruby-Throated hummingbirds have grayer flanks. They also have varying throat tints. Like their name, ruby-throated hummingbirds have a bright red throat. Rufous hummingbirds have oranger throats.