Discover When Hummingbirds Return to Oklahoma

Hummingbirds return to Oklahoma at different times. This varies with hummingbird species and gender. Males return in March, females in April.  

Weather brings majestic species back to the state. These lovely birds long for warmer weather when it warms up.

Early autumn is when hummingbirds migrate to warmer climates like California or Baja. Interestingly, climate change has warmed the Earth and kept hummingbirds in several US regions in winter.

The US-Mexico border is full of hummingbirds due to its wonderful spring, summer, and autumn weather. States like Arizona have over a dozen hummingbirds.

Oklahoma has fewer hummingbird species than Texas due to its northern location. Oklahoma hosts two main hummingbird species. One moves through the state to other regions, making three species live in Oklahoma for several months.

Hummingbirds will return to Oklahoma in spring. Expect them in March or April. You can watch them throughout summer until September or October.  

Early autumn is when these gorgeous creatures leave for other countries. If you see these lovely birds in Oklahoma, get near and take pictures. The photos will be cherished forever.