Debone Your Rotisserie Chicken With A Simple Plastic Bag Hack

A simple plastic bag hack can make deboning a rotisserie chicken quick and mess-free. Here's how:

Allow Chicken to Cool: Let the rotisserie chicken cool for a few minutes after removing it from the heat source. This makes it easier to handle and reduces the risk of burning yourself.

Prepare Plastic Bag: Place a large, sturdy plastic bag over your hand like a glove, leaving the opening of the bag wide enough to insert your hand comfortably.


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Remove Chicken Pieces: Start by pulling the leg and thigh away from the body until the joint pops out. Then, use your bag-covered hand to grasp the leg and pull it away from the body, separating it from the carcass. Repeat this process with the other leg.

Debone Breast: Use your fingers to find the breastbone in the center of the chicken. Insert your bag-covered hand under the breast and gently pull the meat away from the bone, guiding it downward until the breast meat is fully removed.

Dispose of Bones: Once all the meat is removed, discard the bones and skin, and use the deboned chicken meat as desired in recipes or for serving. This simple plastic bag hack makes deboning a rotisserie chicken a breeze, with minimal mess and effort.


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