Cleaning Tip to Prevent Brown Recluse Spiders in Your Home

Many people fear when they see a spider at home. Larger spiders, such as brown recluse spiders, can exceed ½ inch in size and have legs over 1 inch long. Don't panic if you see one of these brown arachnids—your vacuum can exterminate them forever.

It's natural that you'd like these arachnids stay out of your home, yet they can pose health dangers to humans. In fact, these spiders bite when threatened. Bite marks usually vanish, but they might become serious.  

Some have dermonecrotic lesions, huge black ulcers that heal in two to four months. Their bites can cause hemolytic anemia and acute renal injury in rare cases, which can be fatal if not treated immediately (Penn State).

Loxosceles reclusa, or brown recluse spiders, are found in 16 US states but have been seen nationwide.  The nickname "violin spider" comes from its brown hue and violin-shaped marking.  

Full-grown female brown recluses are twice as big as males and have different brown colors on their cephalothorax and belly.

After identifying them, use your vacuum's long attachment to vacuum up spiders. If you see them at home, there are probably webs and eggs too. Baseboards, wall corners, under appliances, closets, and under furniture should be checked.

Remove eggs and webs with the same attachment. To permanently remove brown recluse spiders from your home, throw them in your outdoor trash bin with the rest of your vacuum's contents after a thorough sweep.