Ingredients That Will Elevate Your Blondie

Brown Butter

Browning butter deepens and complexifies blondies with a rich, nutty taste. Melt butter in a pot over medium heat, stirring regularly, until golden brown and nutty-smelling.  

Toasted Nuts

Blondies with chopped pecans, walnuts, or almonds are crunchy and toasted. After toasting the nuts in a dry pan over medium heat until fragrant, cut and incorporate them into the blondie batter.  

Sea Salt

Blondies are sweeter and more interesting with flaky sea salt sprinkled on top before baking. The salt enhances the other tastes and produces a great sweet-salty balance.  

Vanilla Bean Paste

Use vanilla bean paste instead of vanilla extract for a stronger vanilla taste and flecks in the blondies. It deepens flavor and improves taste.  

Dried Fruit

Blondies are sweet and chewy with chopped dried apricots, cherries, or cranberries. Before adding to the batter, plump the dried fruit with warm water or rum.  

White Chocolate Chips

White chocolate chips or chunks add creamy sweetness and pockets of melted richness to blondies. Look for high-quality white chocolate with real cocoa butter for the best flavor and texture. 

Citrus Zest

Blondies are brightened and refreshed with grated lemon or orange zest. Choose organic citrus fruits for optimal flavor and scent.  

Maple Syrup

Replace some or all of the granulated sugar with pure maple syrup for a deeper richness. Maple syrup enhances the buttery flavor of blondies and adds caramelization.  


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